Due to popular demand, Sam's story (It's Just One of Those Things Sam
– A Kids' Guide to Chalky Molars)
is now available as a glossy 32-page reader for use in healthcare practices (face-to-face education and
waiting rooms) and as a take-home educational gift* for 'Molar Hypomin families'.

*Practitioners – we ask that you absorb the modest cost of 'Sam's story',
both in honour of D3G's charitable status and recognising that most Molar Hypomin families already face above-average costs for management of this condition.

We're confident that 'Sam's story' is helping affected families cope with Molar Hypomin, after distributing more than 15,000 copies across many countries and having received umpteen compliments from all walks of
life. By engaging 'Chalky Molar kids' and demystifying this common medico-dental condition, we believe that 'Sam's story' serves as an important companion to information available from our websites and healthcare professionals. Numerous practitioners have told us they agree, and that they enjoy using 'Sam's story' as a tool for communicating
with children and their carers alike. See reviews here and to support our
new initiative to translate 'Sam's story' into Spanish and other languages,
please read this.

Support D3G and order your copies of Sam's story here.
Small orders (up to 10 copies) are available below for only AU$5 each plus postage (currency & shipping info):

For bulk supplies, please contact us for further details.

Sam Story at Dentist

Please note that all proceeds from 'Sam's story' are used to support D3G's social-good efforts in education, research and advocacy. We hope that, in time and with your help, our revenue will grow sufficiently to directly fund research projects aimed at better management and prevention of D3s. Meanwhile, despite many generous people donating their time to our "D3-family effort", we too have a bunch of bills to pay – so your support will be hugely appreciated thanks.

"I Fight Chalky Teeth" T-Shirt

Generate conversations, share your interest, and support D3G's research and education mission.

Single T-shirt orders are available for only AU$35 each plus postage (currency & shipping info)

For bulk supplies, please contact us for further details.

I Fight Chalky Teeth T-Shirt

D3G Referral Cards

To simplify referrals to The Chalky Teeth Campaign and this website, we have D3G "business cards" available free of charge to D3G members ("D3ers") thanks to sponsorship by MRUFD. We encourage you to distribute these as broadly as possible, including to Molar Hypomin families and interested parties beyond.

Referral cards can be ordered from:

  1. ADOHTA (members only; contact Administration Support), or
  2. Our eShop (below, free to D3ers except for postage). Available in 50 or 100 card packs. Larger numbers may be arranged via the Secretariat.

Toothy Scientist Stickers

Thanks to sponsorship from Colgate, we have some really cool Toothy Scientist stickers available to dental professionals across Australia and New Zealand. Naturally, we ask that you reserve these as a special treat for 'Hypomin kids' only. Besides their reward and educational value ("Toothy Scientist says: Brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste"), the stickers contain our website address.

It is hoped these stickers will be used not only as "good behaviour" inducements in the normal way, but also as rewards to those who demonstrate knowledge of this website and its messages. For example, you'll appreciate that both the Kids' Section and Sam's story encourage inquisitiveness and question-asking ("Curious Kids"). They also introduce a variety of kid-friendly terms and scientific analogies (e.g. Missing Tooth Bricks and Potholes, and "don't feed the Plaque Bugs sugar") and guide kids towards thinking of themselves as a Sam or a PJ depending on their own level of "wonkiness". We hope this will provide a broader scope
for you to have meaningful dialogue with kids about their condition, and
the stickers can act as associated "carrots" to help them through the
trickier bits of their treatment.

Colgate-D3G stickers are currently distributed by:

  1. ADOHTA (members only; contact Administration Support), and
  2. D3G+Colgate at professional meetings attended by D3G reps.
We hope they will become available more broadly soon – please tell your Colgate representative if you are interested in getting regular supplies.


Send Us Your Thoughts

Please email to let us know what you think about the above offerings, and to share your ideas or wants for additional D3G merchandise.