Research into Molar Hypomin and other D3s has had multiple benefits – our patients are treated better than before due to increased awareness of the problems, and also to the existence of improved treatment approaches and dental materials. But as highlighted throughout this website, many unknowns remain at clinical, population and basic understanding levels. D3G thinks that not only do we need more research, we also need to pursue better research – that is, research which stands up to the varied settings in which Molar Hypomin is found around the world. Such research will best come through a coordinated multinational effort involving the collective inputs of dedicated practitioners, scientists and others. This type of "translational approach"
is what D3G is about and we hope you feel motivated to climb aboard
and help out.

There are several ways you can help, many of which don't involve coughing up cash or joining a research group (but those are fine
options too!):


  • promote the D3G website to patients and colleagues, and across the healthcare sector
  • understand the D3G messages and disseminate them through your actions and words
  • give talks about D3 issues to the community and your peers

Cases and specimens

  • supply specimens that are in demand for ongoing research
  • stimulate new research by sharing interesting cases and observations

Financial support

  • donate to D3G yourself, and encourage others to do so
  • purchase and use D3G merchandise in your practice

Join a research project

  • participate in research data collection via your regular clinical activities
  • participate in nerdier research investigations, by helping out in a lab