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Thanks for your continued support of The D3 Group - we look forward to another year with you onboard! If you would like to review your membership benefits, or see how you can sponsor 'D3 Pay It Forward' membership to help others, please visit our Join page.

D3G Membership Renewal

Please use the eShop below (accepts Visa, Mastercard, Amex, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay).

D3G Membership

If using a credit card, make sure you enter the billing details for that card – note these usually differ from your work address in the case of a personal credit card. The subscription can be linked to another address (e.g. work office) in the following checkout step.

To simplify future payments, consider creating your own account. In the checkout page, simply click on LOG IN then select the CREATE ACCOUNT option.

To renew a standard AU$50 Annual Subscription (≈US$36; other currencies), simply press the orange Add to cart button below. You can pay ahead for two or three years if you wish to save time and lock in today's low price – just change from 1 to 2 or 3 accordingly.

To sponsor a 'D3 Pay It Forward' subscription (i.e. your $50 plus a $50 gift, more info here), select AU$100 Buy one - Sponsor one by pressing the white AU$50 Annual Subscription box (down arrow). Please contact us if you wish to discuss potential beneficiaries and anonymity etc.

Please contact the Secretary if any difficulty is encountered.

D3G Membership

D3G Merchandise

While you're on the job, why not complement your D3G membership and support D3G further by grabbing some copies of 'Sam's Storybook' – a great educational tool for your practice, and a wonderful gift for needy children in the public sector (learn more about 'Sam's Story' here and here, and 'Sam's Story Club' here and here).

Likewise, how about an 'I Fight Chalky Teeth' T-shirt and some website referral cards as available here.

D3G Merchandise