"Missing Brick" PICS

Colourful "Missing Bricks"

This Picture shows what the top of a Normal Toothy looks like through another type of Magnifier Machine called a "Polarised Light Microscope”. Note that you cannot see the rest of Toothy because only the outside cap of Enamel has been photographed. See how the strong Normal Enamel looks a bright Blue colour?


Colourful Wonky Bits

Smaller Magnification Image

In this Picture, the Red Arrows point at two patches of Wonky Enamel, where lots of Tooth Bricks are missing. These Wonky Patches look Reddy-Brown through this special Microscope. Luckily there is lots of Normal Enamel (Blue colour) in this Toothy!!


How is a colourful Missing Brick picture made?

Joseph, David and Felicity will show you how they made the Colourful Missing Brick pictures in five simple steps. Are you ready?

STEP ONE: Joseph used a special Rotary Saw to make a Thin Slice of Toothy, then....

STEP TWO: David used a Grinding Machine to make the Toothy Slice even thinner.

STEP THREE: Now the Toothy Slice was thin enough for light to shine through!!

STEP FOUR: Felicity next used a special Light Microscope to take the pictures, and then....

STEP FIVE: She and David studied them on the computer. If you look carefully at the Top Picture, you can see that lots of smaller pictures have been joined together in the computer, to make one big one. This is called a Montage – have you done something similar, sticking different things together, in your Art class?


How was that? If you liked this try out our Quiz below.

A quiz for you about Colourful Missing Brick pictures

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Where can you see water being squirted?


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Is that a Chalky Molar on the Computer Screen in Step Five?

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