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Sam is Fairly WonkyPJ is Fairly WonkyGame 1

Here is a bunch of Happy Kids, just like You and Your Friends. As in the Real World, some of them are like Sam, whose Toothy is a Wee Bit Wonky. Others are like PJ who has Really Wonky Potholes.


  1. How many Sams can you count?
  2. How many PJs can you count?
  3. Can you work out how many Happy Kids you need to count before you find one with Chalky Molars – that is, either a Sam or a PJ? (shortcut = count top row then follow the arrows)
  4. Can you believe there are about this many Chalky Molar Kids all round the World?(shortcut = say Yes and click here if you want to show someone a Cool Map of it)
  5. How many Happy Kids are there altogether, including Sams and PJs? (shortcut = 10 x 10)
  6. If there are 10 Happy Kids in a room, how many of them might have Chalky Molars? (hint, 2 numbers are needed and you can tell from the top 2 rows)


Tooth Bricks Wee Bit WonkyTooth Bricks Really WonkyBricks 1Brick 2


Here are two Brick Walls. One is like Sam’s Toothy that is a Wee Bit Wonky. The other one is like PJ’s Pothole that is Really Wonky. The Red Line is half way up the Walls, in case you want to count just one half and then multiply by two.


  1. How many Weak Bricks can you count in the Wee Bit Wonky Wall? (shortcut = 6 x 6 plus 4 plus 4 more)
  2. How many Bricks are Missing from the Really Wonky Pothole? (shortcut = 6 x 2)
  3. Both Walls have the same number of Normal Bricks – how many are there? (shortcut = 10 x 10 minus answer from Question 1
  4. If YOU have Chalky Molars, how many Tooth Bricks do you think are missing from YOUR Toothys? (shortcut = discuss this with your Family and Dentist)
  5. Have you seen the Cool Pictures of Real Tooth Bricks in the Tooth Scientist section? (click here)


  • the D3 group
  • Dancing
  • Puppy
  • Flowers
  • Eyes

As you may know by now, we call ourselves The D3 Group because the name that Tooth Scientists use for the things we care about contains 3 long
“D Words”. So we use “D3” as a shortcut name for “DDD”, instead of saying the 3 long D Words (or even DDD) all the time.


Our three long D words are Developmental Dental Defect – this is another name for Chalky Teeth, so don’t worry about remembering that.

It’s easy and fun to think up some other D3 Names, and this is something you might want to tell the Dentist you’re good at (but of course NEVER mention anything rude like Dilly Dally Dentists)

Two funny D3s we thought up are: “Dad Digs Dancing” and “Dirty Dog Dribble”. Click here to see some other D Word Pictures (then click each Picture to see Our Answer)

So what D3 Names can YOU come up with? Do you need help with remembering some D Words? Well here is a trolley full you can choose from.


X Ray Base

dad, daily, dairy, daisy, dalmatian, dance, dandelion, danger, dare, dark, dart, dash, date, daughter, dawn, day, dead, deaf, dear, December, deck, decorate, deep, deer, defend, delicious, deliver, den, dent, dentist, desert, dessert, destroy, detective, diamond, diaper, dice, dictionary, did, die, different, difficult, dig, dim, dime, dine, ding, dinner, dinosaur, dip, direction, dirt, dirty, disagree, disc, disguise, dish, distance, distract, dive, divide, do, dock, doctor, does, dog, doll, dollar, dolphin, domino, donkey, door, dot, double, dove, down, downstairs, dozen, drag, dragon, dragonfly, drain, drama, draw, drawer, drawing, dream, dress, dresser, drill, drink, drip, drive, drop, drove, drum, dry, dryer, duck, dug, dull, dump, dust, dusty


Now that you are good at making D3 names, how many more Ds can you use as Names or Sentences?

D4 is quite easy, one example being: Devious Dastardly Ducks Debating

And for D5, how about: Designer Dandelions Defeating Dreamy Daisies

If you can get all the way up to D25 (joke!), an example is:  “it’s D..D..D..D..D..D..D..D..D..D..D..D..D..D..D..D..D..D..D..D..D..D..D..Darn Dark in here” (but that is cheating we know!!)



Sam is Fairly WonkyPJ is Fairly WonkyToothySmart Toothy

Who is your favourite?

Who are your favourite Happy Chalky Molar Characters – Sam, PJ, Toothy, The Tooth Scientist...??

Would you like to download a picture for some Colouring-In Fun? If so, click on the one you would like below. Have fun!

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