Tooth Brick Pictures

The Picture shows what the inside of a Normal Toothy looks like through a very strong Magnifier Machine called a "Scanning Electron Microscope" (or SEM, for short). See how the Normal Enamel looks like it is made out of tightly-packed "Tooth Bricks".

Magnification of Tooth Brick

Wonky Tooth Bricks

In Molar Hypomin, if your Toothy is a Wee Bit Wonky then the Tooth Brick might have just started to be uncovered, like the Road on the Left. If Toothy is Fairly Wonky, some Tooth Bricks are missing and others have gaps between them, like the Holey Brick Wall shown in the Middle. So that is why Fairly Wonky Teeth can be a bit soft and tingly sometimes!! And in Really Wonky teeth, the Tooth Bricks fall out and Toothy can get a big Pothole, like the Road on the Right.

Tooth Bricks Wonky Pictures

How is a Tooth Brick picture made"

Jon and Felicity will show you how they made the Tooth Brick Picture at the top of the page in four simple steps. Are you ready?

Step One: They put a small bit of Toothy on a special Holder, then...

Step Two: They carefully placed the Holder inside the Door of the SEM Machine and pushed a few buttons, then....

Step Three: After a quick check that everything was connected okay....

Step Four: They used the computers to take some Tooth Brick Pictures.

How was that? If you liked this try out our Quiz below.

How are they made - Step 1 and 2

How are they made - Step 3 and 4

A quiz for you about Tooth Brick pictures

Question 1

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Can you see the Black Door Handle on the Microscope Machine?

Question 2

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How many Computer Screens (Step Four Picture) and Keyboards (Step Two Picture) can you count?

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