Anticipating broad utility as a communication tool for the D3 community, we plan to implement an online forum shortly. Initially this will be aimed at practitioners and researchers, and a section for affected families will be added subsequently if interest levels warrant it.

The proposed goal of the Practitioner/Researcher Forum is to facilitate translational interactions, whether they be e-discussions about diagnosis, treatment approaches, case suitability for research investigation and the like. The Family Forum is envisaged more as an online peer-support tool. Both components would have searchable archives, so providing educational efficiency through access to real-life FAQs.

We invite members' to comment about this idea, both regarding its general principle and specifics of how you'd like it to be implemented.

Please contact us by email

Stop-Gap Email Consultancy on all things D3

Until the online forum is implemented, members are encouraged to participate in such discussions by the more-traditional medium of email. Indeed, the core D3 group at Melbourne have conducted a number of such roundtable discussions over the past couple of years, and their high-reward value led to the idea of a broader-reaching online forum.

So email us your questions or interesting cases (in which case clinical photographs and case history are helpful, obviously) and we will circulate it around a pertinent selection of D3G members. Of course, please respect confidentialilty principles in the normal way.