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Welcome to The D3 Group (D3G) and our Online Education Resource. Formally we are a translational research and education network spanning the Developmental Dental Defects (DDD = D3) sector originally in Australia and New Zealand (the Hub) and increasingly around the world. But actually we are an eclectic bunch of individuals whose lives have been touched by D3 problems one way or another.

Some of our families have experienced D3 first hand, many of us care for people with D3 either as dental practitioners or public health professionals, and many others are engaged in D3 research and education. We are also pleased to have a growing number of medicos and D3-savvy folk from industry amongst us. 

All of us believe that teaming up and pulling together in a "D3 family" effort will help get "chalky teeth" problems such as Molar Hypomin and AI recognised better, understood better, and cared for better. Our ultimate goal is to make many of these problems go away through prevention... read more >>



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  • May 1st was a big day for connecting D3G with the USA – the latter which by some measures lags many other developed countries...

  • 16/07/18 | More
  • D3 in The Clinic

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  • In perhaps two thirds of children with Molar Hypomin their demarcated enamel opacities have smooth (intact) surfaces – this...
  • 16/07/18More
  • D3 in The Lab

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  • Modern genetics can be mind-numbing not least with many human conditions (including fluorosis, caries, and Molar Hypomin) having...
  • 16/07/18 | More



Spread the word – anyone and everyone can help a lot simply by spreading the word about chalky teeth and our D3 network. Please talk about it to your friends, to school staff, to dental professionals and to politicians – indeed to anyone who will listen! General awareness of these D3 problems can only be improved.

Support the science – you may be asked to participate in trials or to donate specimens. The D3 Group is uniquely positioned to bring a powerful team-based approach to D3 research, which enhances our potential to make strong advances that help people worldwide.

Help with funding – quality research usually costs a lot and research funds are hard to come by. And despite many generous contributions of time and cash to help run the show at D3G, we still have plenty of bills to pay (just like any other family). D3G is aiming for eventual self-sustainability as a social enterprise that supports prevention-oriented research. But to get there, we need a helping hand from our beneficiaries in "chalky teeth land" and/or those interested in social impact. To learn more about giving opportunities and our current fundraising goal, please visit here.

The Chalky Teeth Campaign blockWe seek a major reduction in childhood tooth decay through research into chalky teeth. Please visit The Chalky Teeth Campaign website for an easy introduction to the world of D3s.


blockThe D3 Group is a translational research initiative of the MRUFD.Melbourne research Unit for Facial Disorders